Energy Monitoring Systems

Real Solar Thermal Monitoring with

SunReports also provides advanced visual reporting on our solar thermal (hot water) system. A solar hot water system captures heat from sunlight and circulates the thermal energy to your water tank. Solar hot water systems reduce the usage of traditional water heating fuels such as oil, electricity, or natural gas thereby reducing the amount you spend purchasing these fuels. These systems do not fully replace conventional water heaters, but can provide up to 80% of a building’s total hot water needs.

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Real Energy PV Electric Monitoring with

Wattmetrics provides an advanced energy monitoring system that is simple to read and enjoyable to look at. We believe that this company has the best platform to showcase our 5 KW system. Not only does it produce valuable information in an engaging and educational way but it also gives credit to our installer, Alternate Energy. To learn more about our 5 KW system, head over to the the Alternate Energy website here. To learn more about wattmetrics’ monitoring systems and to see other similar projects, visit wattmetrics here.