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What is your business about?

Vivint has been helping customers live simpler and smarter for more than 13 years. And we’re dedicated to enhancing each customer’s life through simple, intelligent products and services, delivered by people who care. We want to intelligently connect homes and families everywhere through a combination of award-winning service and affordable home security, energy management, home automation, and solar solutions. The end result is an integrated system that saves you time and money and ultimately simplifies your life. Over the years, Vivint has become a leading provider of home technology services with more than 800,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. The end result is an integrated system that saves you time, energy, and money—ultimately simplifying your life.

How did you contribute?

We added several energy-saving components to Ivan and Cynthia’s home, including a smart thermostat, small appliance modules, and electronic door locks. These features allow Ivan and Cynthia to adjust their home’s temperature, turn off their lights, and lock their doors remotely from almost any location, right from their smartphones. Their Vivint solutions also allows them to reduce the amount of energy they use by setting aggressive, energy-saving schedules on their thermostat, turning off the AC and heat when they’re not at home, and turning off unused appliances and lights remotely.

What are other products you offer?

Vivint offers many exciting products in addition to our energy features. Our home security provides 24x7x365 monitoring as well as protection against fire, carbon monoxide, and intrusion. And our home automation package includes everything in our home security and energy management packages plus automatic door locks and video monitoring. Recently Vivint has expanded into wireless Internet and phone services, and Vivint Solar offers affordable solar power in select states. You can learn more about our products and services at


2012 Mayor’s Green Residential Award

On April 19, 2012, we received the Green Home Renovation and Conservation award for the construction of 81 Brent Street. We received this award because our home incorporates energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainable design.  Our home is 45% more efficient than the average home and produces energy on-site with solar hot water and a solar electric system.  For more on the award, hit the links below.

Greenovate Boston

Dorchester Reporter – Platinum and green in full bloom on Brent Street

Ignoring looming storm clouds, Codman Square residents and city officials came out to Wainwright Park on Saturday to celebrate the opening of Dorchester’s most environmentally sustainable home.

Located at 81 Brent Street, the new three-unit home was designed by Codman Square residents Cynthia Loesch and Ivan Liriano to showcase what they consider “green living” principles, minimizing their environmental impact and is expected to next the Dorchester’s first-ever LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum rating.

Loesch said that after years of lobbying for developers to implement green design practices in the area through the Codman Square Neighborhood Association, the couple chose to try their own hand at green development and show neighbors that sustainable homes can be a reality.

Head over to the Dorchester Reporter for more information; – Dorchester celebrates first ‘Green House’

On Saturday Dorchester residents, Mayor Thomas Menino and State Representative Russell Holmes cut the ribbon at 81 Brent St. to celebrate the completion of the neighborhood’s first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certified house.

“We hope to see more developments like this focused on reducing its impact on the environment and creating a safer home, all while saving money on utilities,” said Mayor Menino.

The LEED program rates buildings on their energy efficiency and sustainability and encourages residents to build homes that are not only sustainable but follow the six principals of the program: efficient building material, energy and water efficiency, intelligent design, healthy housing and sustainable landscape.

The building is 45 percent more efficient than the average home, through the use of solar panels, high efficiency insulation and efficient lighting. Because of the solar panels, homeowners Ivan and Cynthia Loesch, are able to sell back some of the energy generated by the solar panels back to NSTAR, earning them their Solar Renewable Energy Certificate.

Along with being energy efficient the house also has a rain water harvesting system which is used to irrigate the landscape surrounding the build.

Head over to the for more information;

Open House (August 27th, 2011)

1:30 PM
August 27, 2011
81 Brent Street Dorchester 02124
Learn how this home will receive the highest rating issued by the U.S. Green Building Council, the nation’s foremost authority on environmentally responsible building practices. Under the Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System, 81 Brent is a showcase of healthy, green housing. This house showcases water, energy and material efficiency, intelligent design, sustainable landscape and healthy housing. With features like its solar PV and hot water systems , rainwater harvesting and home automation, this home is more efficient and enhanced than the average home.

For more information contact Cynthia Loesch and Ivan Liriano at
or 781-4050-8648.

81 Brent Open House Flier

Boston Shines Rainwater Harvesting System Installation Recap

Thanks To Everyone That Helped!

81 Brent held its second educational install with the community and Land Escapes. With the help of over 40 people we were able to install a rainwater harvesting system that will collect 100% of the runoff water from the roof and will be used for the sustainable landscape.

[slickr-flickr tag=”rainwater” type=”slideshow”]In installing this system we:

  • Reduce water usage and waste which will reflect on our bill
  • Provide our sustainable plants with rainwater that is full of natural nutrients


The earth is known as the Blue Planet for a reason, it’s no surprise that water is a dominant part of our everyday lives. The worlds current challenge is to improve the planet’s water quality and then maintain clean and healthy water that supports all life forms in our diverse environment.


  • Reduce water bills including city storm sewer charges


  • Rainwater is extremely rich in nutrients
  • Using rainwater to irrigate will reduce fertilizer use
  • No chemicals have been added to rainwater

Click here to learn more on our Rainwater Harvesting System, or how water efficient 81 Brent is