Vivint helps you save energy



What is your business about?

Vivint has been helping customers live simpler and smarter for more than 13 years. And we’re dedicated to enhancing each customer’s life through simple, intelligent products and services, delivered by people who care. We want to intelligently connect homes and families everywhere through a combination of award-winning service and affordable home security, energy management, home automation, and solar solutions. The end result is an integrated system that saves you time and money and ultimately simplifies your life. Over the years, Vivint has become a leading provider of home technology services with more than 800,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. The end result is an integrated system that saves you time, energy, and money—ultimately simplifying your life.

How did you contribute?

We added several energy-saving components to Ivan and Cynthia’s home, including a smart thermostat, small appliance modules, and electronic door locks. These features allow Ivan and Cynthia to adjust their home’s temperature, turn off their lights, and lock their doors remotely from almost any location, right from their smartphones. Their Vivint solutions also allows them to reduce the amount of energy they use by setting aggressive, energy-saving schedules on their thermostat, turning off the AC and heat when they’re not at home, and turning off unused appliances and lights remotely.

What are other products you offer?

Vivint offers many exciting products in addition to our energy features. Our home security provides 24x7x365 monitoring as well as protection against fire, carbon monoxide, and intrusion. And our home automation package includes everything in our home security and energy management packages plus automatic door locks and video monitoring. Recently Vivint has expanded into wireless Internet and phone services, and Vivint Solar offers affordable solar power in select states. You can learn more about our products and services at